Über Liebchen Assekuranz

Liebchen Assekuranz – Founded in 2007 to fulfill a need in Germany to do a better job of providing holistic financial planning. Liebchen Assekuranz provides a greater level of service to Germany clients than merely selling insurance and investment products. There are too many so-called financial services companies that focus on selling products instead of truly understanding their clients, educating them on needs, and creating plans for their future.

Too often the various investment and insurance products people buy throughout their lives do not work well together, and people are left unprepared for their financial future.

Through a deep understanding of our clients, properly educating them about financial planning as a whole, and designing a comprehensive financial plan that fits together, Liebchen Assekuranz can make your financial life healthy again, and keep you focused on the long-term financial goals and dreams you want to achieve.

Liebchen Assekuranz is an independent brokerage and does not represent any one life insurance company or investment firm. We have a team approach to analyzing your personal situation and designing a solution that meets your needs.

Are you a good fit for Liebchen Assekuranz?

Our ideal clients here at Liebchen Assekuranz are people from any walk of life who have financial goals. They know they want to achieve a retirement dream, build a business, save for their children’s education, buy their dream house, and protect the ones they love. Our clients have dreams, which we help them define as goals, and then build a financial plan that helps them reach those goals, one step at a time. And the more extraordinary and bigger the dream, the more we love to help.

If you would like more information about Liebchen Assekuranz or would like personalized service, please contact us today.